I'm Tami Sasson, LCSW

A psychotherapist who is forever inspired by the power of humans to heal and reclaim their lives.

The war with our bodies didn't begin with us. It's not our fight to continue.

I see myself as a peace maker between us and our bodies.

We are not required to perpetuate the hate that we often feel stuck in. It is not ours to hold and there is another way—the way of allowing our bodies to tell us their story. Of allowing our bodies to feel. Of allowing our bodies to thaw out and reclaim space. Of allowing our bodies to be nourished. There is a way to become our own ally. And if you can't see it just yet, know the possibility is still here. Know you are not hopeless and that this miracle is possible. Know you can forgive yourself for always doing the best you've been able to do.

Qualifications + Experience

Tami Sasson is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in the State of New York.

She has been in clinical practice for 7 years and working with humans in the capacity of social work for 11. Tami has specialized in the areas of trauma and attachment for her entire career. Her work is heavily informed by Bessel Van Der Kolk, Pete Walker, Peter Levine, Richard Schwartz, Brene Brown & Gabor Mate. She is trained in Internal Family Systems, EMDR, DBT, Somatic Therapy and Trauma-Informed Movement. She receives ongoing supervision, a therapist, and also provides supervision to coaches and therapists as well as consultation for coaching companies.

Tami is committed to life long unlearning of white supremacy & colonization. She believes in collective liberation through personal healing and does not shy away from discomfort and not knowing. She understands that what impacts us is more than our personal experience and continues to be willing to learn and grow through trainings and client led experiences. Tami approaches her work always with a beginners mind and and courageous openness. Tami also believes that laughter is medicine and that we find healing in the most unexpected places when we allow ourselves to open to the miracles of life.

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I have spent a lot of my life buried under shame and trauma spells.

Always being the first to help another to somehow connect to my pain.

And I think you might relate to always being the person available to others without knowing how to be available to yourself. My story is not one that is clean, linear and tidy. My story is a life of messy, failing forward with glimpses of miracle to find my way back to myself, my heart, my pain and my life. Developmental trauma and early emotional neglect make us hungry humans- hungry for affection, for nurturance, for love and for safety. And we often label that hunger as brokenness instead of intelligence. Over time with more support, validation and understanding, the ways we satiate become nourishing, healing and deeply transformative. And we begin to realize that we slowly emerge into the center of our lives, remembering we matter just as much as everyone else.

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Vulnerability sounds like truth and feels like courage. Truth and courage aren't always comfortable, but they're never weakness.