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This is a no-pressure space to explore what it is you are wanting and to collaboratively find the pathway that feels the best for you. Schedule a complimentary clarity call with me to ground into hope, into connection and into emerging possibility.

Feeling whole is possible. Internal freedom is possible. Learning to love yourself is possible. Deep pleasure is possible. Feeling is human and it is the prerequisite to embodying your life.

...You are right on time.

You are your most potent healerand your feeling body is your pathway to all it is you want.

We have all been lied to and sold a narrative of broken and aloneness. We have been lied to about the truth of what love is. And I believe that everything we have learned we can unlearn. That deep embodied lovability, wholeness and goodness is available to us all.

There is no secret magic pill. There is nothing that someone else has that you don't. We've simply been taught how to disconnect from our deep resourcefulness. We've forgotten our strength to save ourselves. We have always had everything we need. We have just been looking in the wrong places.

What To Expect

The clarity call is our first connection via zoom. It is a space to explore where you are and where you are wanting to go. Your are in charge of how deep we go and what we open up. This is not a pressure-y sales call nor are you required to prove your suffering. It is truly a safe space to lean into possibility together for what could be a next step. To explore what is both currently painful and what is currently joyous. If we feel like we are a good fit, I will offer you in depth explanations of different ways we can potentially work together and answer all questions you might have. I never take a "yes" on the phone. We are undoing urgency and leaning into collaboration with the body. Both of us must feel safe together, we must like each other and the work must be accessible for it to be a true yes on both sides. There is no preparation needed to show up for this call.

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It supports me in understanding where you are more deeply and allows me to truly optimize our time together during our clarity call. Feel free to write as much or as little as feels good to your body. I'm looking forward to meeting you.

Helping women remember home in their bodies.