Maryam Abdulmalik supports (mostly) women in meeting their essence and leading their lives from that space. She was born and raised on a tiny island in the Middle East, into a set of restrictions that she later realized would free her. She believes that our ‘cage’ encapsulates the roadmap to our freedom and that while mainstream emotional healing modalities are extremely potent in creating transformation, nothing will satiate you on a deep soul level as much as your own medicine. Maryam’s primary intention is to guide those seeking deep freedom to consider reckoning with the ‘non freeing force’ in their lives to find their true sovereignty.

In this conversation, Tami and Maryam jam on:
*What even is safety? How do you create safety when physical safety can’t be guaranteed?
*How Maryam broke free from the oppressive forces she was born into
*Taking responsibility for our own healing, even when you want to blame others
*Confronting the power that lives within us
*How to reckon with instead of avoid
*Not apologizing for following an unconventional path

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