Claiming Our Seat at the Table of Belonging with Madison Morrigan

April 29, 2021

Madison Morrigan is a 4x international award winning life coach, host of Everything Belongs The Podcast, a speaker, and is creator of Awaken Her Soul, a 14 week mentorship program designed to help women embody their worth, power and fullness. Centered on self-responsibility and full expression, Madison coaches ambitious and creative women as shed layers of old programming keeping them small and finally come home to their true selves.

Madison has her degree in interpersonal communication with an emphasis in psychology from Missouri State University, has a certificate in conflict resolution, meditation and legal mediation, and is proudly Certified BYCA Coach.

In this conversation, Tami and Madison jam on:

*Moving away from over-sharing our stories and pain on social media
*Creating an identity beyond our trauma and conditioning – there is so much more to us!
*Resourcing ourselves with joy while also acknowledging the challenging aspects of our world
*Saying no to participating in narcissistic supremacy, even when other people don’t understand
*Reconnecting and rooting in our land, cities, and homes
*Claiming our rightful belonging, even when we’ve felt estranged from our inherent sense of it
*Knowing that our presence on social media isn’t the whole of who we are
*Not apologizing for people’s perceptions of you

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