Healing as Life’s Work with Emma Tait

April 15, 2021

Emma Tait is a writer, soul guide, and creator who helps people connect to their own inner knowing and guidance system so that they may have a career and life filled with purpose, joy, and peace. Her life’s work is to empower others to meet, know, love, and express their whole selves through all of life’s ebbs and flows, no matter where they are starting and what their goals are. She believes the way forward is for each of us to first come back to ourselves through understanding the innate emotional, physical, and spiritual wisdom we all hold. She guides others through her writing, 1:1 coaching, and online courses.

In this conversation, Tami and Emma jam on:
*Stepping out of the traditional paradigms of healing and stepping into full humanity
*Being present with our pain and grief instead of always trying to fix it
*Reframing the times when we get it “wrong” into information and experience that lead us to what we do want and what does feel good
*Trusting that us humans have seasons just like nature
*Remembering that you don’t have to have your shit together in order to love yourself
*Tuning into what feels like the next right move, rather than feeling overwhelmed by changing everything
*Releasing from the notion that we must be constantly seeking healing instead of actually living our lives
*The journey of unapologetically being unapologetic

Resources mentioned in this episode:
The book There Is Nothing Wrong with You: Going Beyond Self-Hate by Cheri Huber

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