Humanizing Anxiety with Courtney Koester

May 20, 2021

Courtney Koester took the journey from filmmaker + photographer to Empowerment Coach + Reiki Master Practitioner. Frequently found sipping tea, boarding a plane or getting lost in a sea of trees, this Sagittarian’s heart was made to dive deep + explore. With firsthand experience in untangling from patterns of people pleasing, self-abandonment + self-judgment, Courtney’s work focuses on the importance of self-reconnection + the invitation to rehumanize ourselves. Her medicine is in guiding humans to clear the harsh lens they’ve viewed themselves through and begin to explore their whole self from a widened + deeply aligned perspective.

In this conversation, Tami and Courtney jam on:
*Recognizing anxiety as a human and normal response, rather than pathologizing it
*Pulling back the layers of what society has told us about selfishness and people pleasing
*Holding positive regard for others, while also being able to recognize their full humanity
*Being brave enough to unhook from supremacy culture
*Supporting ourselves to move through our fight, flight, or freeze responses
*Normalizing that some relationships naturally come to a close
*Not apologizing for our full humanity; we will cause harm, but we will also cause joy!

To connect with Courtney:
Follow her on Instagram @ckoesterinspired, visit her website Courtney also has a webinar replay on Shifting the People Pleasing Identity and a blog post on supportive language as an alternative to people pleasing.

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Follow her on Instagram @tamisasson_, visit her website, or email

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