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Your belonging has never been up for debate. The very things we believe are "bad" or "wrong" about us are the very things that ultimately sets us free.

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Understanding our internal experience allows us to have more easeful external experiences.

My approach to therapy is relational, intuitive and very person-centered. While I have training and experience in many therapy modalities, I trust each human I work with to be the guide for their needs. Within the therapeutic relationship we work to feel into safety, boundaries, collaboration, choice, consent and wholeness. Together we work with the physiology in the nervous system to disarm relational trauma responses and allow you to have a much more loving, easeful relationship with your body -feeling, being and choosing. And in turn, more loving, nourishing relationships with other. Through learning how to tolerate and be with both discomfort and goodness, we develop a much more confident and open ability to be in life.

Some non-qualification related information about Tami.

Her clients call her the shame ninja and tell her that her super power is being able to see possibility and reality so clearly. Her depth for holding and going there is huge and her ability to laugh while being in deep pain makes the process of therapy feel doable and even desirable. Tami deeply trusts the wisdom and expertise of her clients and finds herself forever learning from them. She believes that we need a lot as humans and seeks to enliven this with everyone she works with to create ripples and networks of care that allow us all to need and be so deeply vulnerable and human.

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Therapy is a beautiful process

We get to uncover more of ourselves through the process of being witnessed, supported, and held in safe relationship.

So many of us were set up for struggle through early life trauma, intergenerational trauma and the systems we live in to feel like life and relationship are too difficult. A diluted sense of self is created in an effort to survive and we move through the world constantly searching for our belonging and who we are because we didn't have what we needed to fully express and develop. Therapy is the space in which we get to practice fully expressing and developing under utilized skills to feel more hopeful and powerful in our lives. It is only through safe relationship that our stories will feel safe enough to reveal themselves for us to hold them, witness them and transform them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Tami is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker in New York State

NYS does not allow Tami to work with clients that reside outside of NYS. However, due to the Covid crisis and a change to state regulations, Tami is available to work with clients outside of NYS at this time. Tami is carefully monitoring these regulations to ensure compliance.

Where are sessions held?

Due to covid and working with out of state clients, this varies for each person, their location and their comfort. Currently, all Individual Therapy sessions are currently held virtually via zoom.

Who do you work with?

Tami works with adults 18+ who are wanting in depth support for trauma and relational healing. She has expertise in the areas of developmental trauma, childhood abuse, attachment ruptures, eating disorder recovery, relational struggles and challenges with autonomy and independence that present in adulthood (being able to consistently get needs met).

How long will I need therapy for?

There is not time length on therapy. Tami believes that for humans to thrive we need support, both when things are hard and when things are beautiful. That support changes over the course of our lives but therapy is a process that we choose to engage in, not rush through. Therapy is not a quick fix but a vehicle for reclaiming ourselves and our lives and this is a process that takes time and devotion.

Fees and Insurance Information

Tami is an out-of-network provider and offers super bills to clients with out-of-network benefits. The cost for a 55-minute session with Tami is $250 USD. Sliding scale is available when slots are open and the sliding scale lowest fee is $170 USD. Tami bills clients prior to each session to ensure payment.

Cancellation Policy

Sessions are at the same time each week. This time is decided between Tami and the client on their initial call. There is a 48-hour cancellation policy meaning if the session is cancelled within 48-hours, the client is responsible for the total cost of the session unless they can get in to another time slot that week. The exceptions to this are extreme illness or any kind of emergency to be discussed with Tami. Part of relational healing is learning how to show up to ourselves consistently.

Who supports Tami?

Tami is currently under the care of a therapist who she has been working with for 5 years and receives ongoing supervision. She also attends Al-Anon and receives regular body-work to support her in being able to be well and nourished to hold in the way she does. Tami values her humanity and really engages with her own process on a regular basis.

For more information and other important details, visit the "FAQ's" page.

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