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Frequently Asked Questions

Please read through all the answers below before submitting an email with questions. If your question is unanswered, feel free to message me.

Do you talk in embodiment/ somatic work?

Yes! Verbal ventilation (a term I learned from Pete Walker) is a really important tool in embodiment/somatic work. Sometimes through talking we allow ourselves to access the emotion of the experience. Sometimes talking and just being heard creates new experiences of security and autonomy in relationship. Our heads are a part of the body and the work includes all of us. So yes, if you need, we talk!

What is embodiment/somatic work?

Every human is embodied. There is no "work" that gets us to embodiment. We all inhabit a body. The work of embodiment/somatics is about learning to become intentional with how we occupy the body. Trauma is often a felt "fracture" from choice and a sense of self. We have an experience of feeling out of control and though the body is against us. Through re-inhabiting our feelings, experiences, and senses in safe & doable ways, we learn how to interpret the magic and language of our body as a way to get what we didn't get and move forward from a secure sense of needs and self. There are many tools to help us experience the body such as sounding, movement, meditation, breathe, touch and more but this process is unique to every individual and can also include lineage, land and ancestral work.

Do you offer payment plans & scholarships?

Payment plans are offered for every offering over $100. There is no penalty for choosing a payment plan such as a greater amount of the total price. All prices for all services are stated clearly on each program page. There is a limited number of scholarships available for each program, each quarter. They are on a first come first serve basis.

Are Therapy Consults free?

Yes. therapy consult calls are always free. There is no secret charge or secret agenda. The intention of these calls are for us to decide together if we are a good relational fit to work together based on how it feels to share space and if I'm equipped in my scope of practice to work with you. I believe in consent in all things and that choosing someone to work with is a big decision. This call is about honoring consent and choice.

Will you be on my podcast, do an IG live interview or be a guest teacher?

I'd love to explore this possibility with you further!! I love connecting with humans. Please send an inquiry to tami@tamisasson.com detailing what you are looking for and sharing some information with me about whatever it is you are wanting me to join in. My hourly rate for guest teaching is $350.

How long does healing take?

There is no time limit on healing. It is a devotion we choose to keep showing up to the more we embody a sense of love and care for ourselves. There is no race or finish line. Healing is the process that allows us to more and more be with what is and be more intentional about who we want to be with that information. Healing is about being held, being seen and being encouraged to be all of you. Part of healing is also learning right pacing and how to be in our lives- it's not meant to be a 24/7 job or to burn us out. We are also meant to be living and experiencing our lives and this actually enhances our healing.

How can I work with you?

There are multiple ways to work with me and the offerings change. The best way to keep track is to follow me on Instagram at tamisasson_, sign up for my newsletter here or check back to my website. The options that are open enrollment (unless there is a waiting list) are individual therapy & 1:1 coaching.

Why does it feel like nothing I do works?

This question is so tender. It can often feel in today's wellness culture like there is a place of arrival that makes us worthy in our healing and this often mimics our childhood of always having to be something for someone else to be OK and enough. Healing is a process and journey of realizing that we aren't something broken that needs to "work." It takes time to really embody all of the things that have been so difficult and painful and re-orient to what is here & now. Part of moving out of trauma is being able to start seeing the good amidst all we are doing in life. And part of healing is about learning what helps and doesn't help us. This is all apart of it. You are not hopeless or broken. You are on the journey.

Looking for more? All therapy-related inquiries can be found under the FAQ section on the "Individual Therapy" page.

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