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Stories of possibility.

When I came across Tami, I was on my honeymoon-completely unable to relax.

After months of the trauma of living, working, and wedding planning during a global pandemic- I was disregulated at the next level compared to my usual anxious state. None of my prior tools were working, I couldn’t tolerate being in my body, and I was on my phone way too much. Then, I listened to Tami on Mark Grove’s podcast and knew she had the exact medicine I needed.

My work with Tami is the most transformational I have ever done. And I’ve done a lot! Therapy, energy healing, all  the meditating and yoga, working with many different coaches and healers. The thing that no other modality did for me was give me the true tools, accountability, and support to heal my nervous system. Tami held my hand as I took the scary steps into feeling my feelings and being present in my body. She applauded me when I made a firm decision for myself. She saw and validated everything I was going through with gentleness and grace.

Most of all, Tami helped me learn that it is ok to stop putting so much pressure on healing, and start to prioritize living again- that we don’t always need to delve into the old stories to create a new one. Tami helped me accept that “healing” isn’t necessarily a destination we always get to. Our lessons may be here for a while, if not forever. But we can relate to them differently so that they don’t run the show- accepting and tending to every part of us with care.

Lastly, Tami could see and affirm when I was done with my current season of healing. While I know there is certainly more to do in the future, one can only process so much at once without needing a break to integrate. Tami saw and honored this, and was so respectful of my decision to stop working together- even if its just for a bit.

I am forever thankful for what Tami taught me. The feelings of presence and joy that I now have access to are truly priceless.

Julie — Denver, CO

Sitting in reflection, humbled and completely in awe of the amazing relationship I’ve built with Tami. Repeating her words constantly in my head, and crying tears that feel like they have been stuck in my chest forever. This journey is hard but Tami helps make it make sense. And I started seeing and feeling things I never thought possible. I have learned that I have to go slow, and I know Tami will be there and most importantly that I’ll be there. I am so grateful for Tami’s teachings and support. The way she gets me is beyond anything I ever could have expected or imagined. I can’t thank her enough. Tami is supporting me in breaking generational patterns I didn’t realize I was living in so it can be different for my girls.

Maria T. — Seattle, WA

Tami shared from a skilled and resourced place on vital topics like inner child wounding, ancestral healing, codependency, and joy as a birthright.

I transitioned into Tami’s Initiate container from her 1:1s. I was really craving sisterhood and collective voices. It’s very important for my healing to be held and guided with other women. On my horizon was a major career transition, and the resolve of long-term patterns that I knew I wanted to relate to in new ways. I was still processing a break-up from 3 years ago, which was very much about letting a part of me die. It was time. It was also time to claim space and creative energy for my own work - energy that I had been using to support the initiatives of others, and to be a care-giver. I needed the support to weave something new for myself as my own nurturing, committed, self-accountable presence. The kind of presence I was so often seeking outside of myself. My 4 months in Initiate supported me to do this.

Tami’s guidance is skilled, raw and caring. Initiate felt like a loving shield around my heart as I went off to explore new territories within and outside of myself. I always felt safe to show up as who I am, with what I have to bring. I always felt encouraged to check in with myself and respond from that place. To turn off video on our Zoom calls and just receive. To hit unmute and share when my heart was fluttering.

What resonates the most to me about Tami’s work is the ‘self’ is always connected to the whole. Initiate was not a self improvement project. It was a ‘how to love myself as a human so I can love others’ journey. So I can live and share in this world. This big messy world - and feel my feet planted, and my breath moving.

And of course, the cherry on top, is that there is no secret to this work. And I love that Tami doesn't play it like there is. Embodiment is for everyone, and we are all in bodies. Tami shared from a skilled and resourced place on vital topics like inner child wounding, ancestral healing, codependency, and joy as a birthright. And still, at the end of each session, or guided practice, it really always came back to this moment, to myself in it, and how deserving I am to feel connected to everything that supports me. It came back to sovereignty, simple little radical pleasures, and sharing these triumphs in a safe container with other women. It came back to finding safety in my own unique ways, so that I can create wiggle room in my comfort zone and risk growing.

Maxine —Ontario, CA

This work has been such a missing piece for me and I just feel hope for the first time in a long time about my ability to heal and feel connected. It’s like each time I can sit with myself and do the next brave thing, I’m uncovering to myself that I’ve never had it wrong- and my body has always been on my side. I just didn’t have the tools or the ability at the time to listen or let that truth sink in. I don’t quite have the words but it’s just so good. Thank you. So thankful to know you and be here in this.

Amanda B. — Denver, CO

I truly cannot believe how Tami hits the nail on the head every single time.

I am in love with the relationship we’ve built. Tami helped me truly realize that I wasn’t the broken, defective problem but that I was surviving a life that didn’t have space for me in it. I’m sitting here in tears as I think about all the revelations and truths about myself that have been revealed in my work with Tami. I’m mourning time that I have lost and the idea that life could have been different with a deep understanding that I get to write and re-write the story of my life moving forward and it’s fucking amazing and exciting. I have begun to forgive myself for all I thought was unforgivable and the “lie” I blamed for ending my marriage. Now, I am creating a healthy space for me to move on, to continue to heal and to always speak my truth. I am forever grateful for my work with Tami.

Christine C. — New York, NY

Tami has been the greatest gift of my life.

She has not only helped me navigate this quarantine but thrive through it. I never truly grasped the “being in” my body until working with her. She made it so loving and accessible it is now a way of life. I was a little nervous about online sessions at first not having as much of an impact but quickly I realized the work was for me, internally. Just a few weeks into meeting with Tami I noticed my mood and energy drastically shift. She is incredible at identifying key driver’s behind what’s going on (so many a’ha moments). I also love that our sessions are not just talking about the root problem but learning how to break the physiological response my body has when triggered emotionally by these issues. Tami has given me a tool kit that has changed the way I navigate and feel in my life. Tami has me feeling so empowered and I truly don’t know where I would be without her.

Hope C.— Austin, TX

I had no idea what it meant to work with someone who could mirror all my being back to me with so such kindness. She allowed me to fall in love with myself the more I met myself. I got to shift my relationship to feeling. I never felt so free to be me and free to feel everything, just shifting my understanding of what it means to be me and worthy of what I want. Deeply, deeply worthy. Working with Tami allowed me to be brave, and not in survival, in a loving way. I cannot believe how I learned to be kind and loving to myself. I learned how to not fear my thoughts, my future, my own cage. I got to become free from my self-imposed cage. I finally feel safe being in my own skin. Tami showed me how to trust, love and not abandon myself anymore. I didn’t even know I did this before starting to work with Tami. Now I spot it so clearly and I can shift it immediately. I can now find compassion for myself when shit is hard and feels impossible. Especially on the days where it doesn’t feel good, I have learned to accept and integrate those with grace and curiosity.

Clarissa A. — New York, NY

I don't think there's a way to fully encapsulate in words the great depths of transformation & compassion for full self-expression Tami has brought into my life.

She invited me to co-create a container where my full humanity could come to the table time and time again -- to be seen, celebrated, spoken to honestly, and healed from the deep shame it previously felt and carried. Tami widened my perspective daily -- in ways that now carry on well past our time together. She invoked curiosity, invited REAL internal conversations with myself and deeply believed in my ability to become my full self. Working with Tami was, hands-down, one of the best decisions I could have made. I have come away more confident, connected, inspired, and alive. Ready to meet myself anew daily in supportive and nourishing ways. I am unendingly grateful for Tami -- the person she is and the medicine she so naturally brings into this world. It has been a cherished gift to have her as my embodiment coach -- I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Courtney K. — Somewhere, PA

I was so afraid of being lonely.

I would fill all of my time with dates, friends and keeping busy. I couldn't be with myself. I kept asking myself, “why are you doing this?” Through my work with Tami, I had the opportunity to learn about self-intimacy and the practices of joy. And something cracked and I realized the essence of all of it. I can truly take care of myself and I don’t need to keep filling my time with things and people to not feel lonely. I’m not alone!! This shift has been truly magical for me in my life. My business is better, my relationship with my daughter is better, and I feel excited about waking up in my life. I feel so good. I would recommend Tami to everyone in this world.

Meizi.—New York, NY

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There has been a huge shift in the way I'm feeling. I'm feeling a lot lighter and more hopeful. Being able to handle things differently and realizing that I’m ok being me has allowed me to stop trying to fix myself and begin accepting myself for who I am and where I am. This has been the biggest shift for me and something I had been searching for. Also having tools and resources to consistently come back here has changed my life. My dad asked me lately what’s been different and noticed a huge shift. I get to enjoy life more because I am better able to deal with the hard and uncomfortable things without them completely taking over.

Kate O. — New Zealand

I began working with Tami after a year of feeling like some deep wounds had surfaced.

I was feeling dysregulated and lost and like I really needed some support. Over the years, I’ve become more discerning about who I choose to work with and I got the impression that Tami was integrated and embodied in her approach. I experienced that right from the beginning on our discovery call. Tami was great at sensing when I was moving into a hypoaroused state, before I was even aware of it, and supporting in me in coming back into regulation. During our time together Tami supported with a strong Fawn defense and I began to access more of that inner protective predator energy to be able to access my no. Our work together was really subtle but I noticed myself feeling more centered and trusting in my process. Because Tami is trauma trained I never once felt like I was being gaslit or bypassed when working with her. She was able to hold space for all the big feelings and experiences I brought into the container. If you’re looking for a practitioner who can really hold space and is attuned to the subtlest experiences in the nervous system, I highly recommend Tami.

Richelle — Alberta, CA