1:1 Embodiment Coaching

6-Month Container

May we never make decisions about possibility based on our circumstances now.

I DREAM OF A WORLD WHERE WOMEN DON'T HAVE TO BE SO STRONG AND INDEPENDENT. Where women can be full of themselves, of their desire and of their bigness without fear of "being too much." Where nourishment is natural and easful.

Trauma is all about losing self to survive. It's about relinquishing a relationship to having needs to find survival in taking care of other's. It's about losing our voice to be safe. It's about leaving our body to disappear into the external world in order to secure our forgotten belonging. All of the things we believe are bad and wrong about us are things we had to trade in to survive. And I feel this anger and grief with you. It's massive. And I know that even though we've had to trade it in, we don't need permission to take it back. And it's possible to reclaim it.

This container is about the whisper of vitality in you asking, "what now?"

We don't often see that we have been healing all along. That every choice we've made to do something has been a reparative experience of showing up for ourself. Trauma orients us to hopelessness while vitality orients us to hope. There is a voice in us of vitality that continually asks, "what now?" It asks because it wants to be seen, to be witnessed, to be held and and to be freed. The "what now" and the constant searching are the puzzle pieces that give us our story. It's so much less about getting to the end and accomplishing the healing and so much more about realizing we are in relationship to it in this moment. We are learning, feeling, growing and connecting the dots. This container is about deepening our relationship to our vitality, to the whisper and to the possibility of what is now for you and opening to all that is yet to come.

You matter just as much as everyone else.

Your desires matter. Your needs matter. Your grief matters. Your heart matters. Your life matters. You matter. Your healing matters.

And that’s what’s next. The remembrance of you in your life. The remembrance of you before you had to care for everyone else. The remembrance of you before you had to sacrifice yourself for your belonging. The honoring of your sacred body, your sacred story and your sacred process. This is where the dots always lead. And this is where we go together.

What's Included

12 bi-weekly 75-90 minute coaching sessions via Zoom

A thorough intake where we spend ample time leaning into possibility, desire and creating a map together.

Monthly community call with the other 1:1 coaching clients focused on nourishment, community building and healing sisterhood wounding

Personalized practices as needed to support the work

Lifetime access to a library of over 40 practices and meditations to support ongoing embodiment work

Free access to all workshops while in container

Mon-Fri access to Tami via telegram for in between session support

Investment $5500

Payment plans & scholarships are available.

(There's currently a waitlist for scholarships)

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Who Is This For?

This coaching container is for humans who identify as women.

For humans who have previously been in therapy and have some level of self-awareness of what they are wanting support with and of their trauma history.

For humans ready to be in the work of cultivating relationship with their bodies which is not-linear and often a glorious mess.

For coaches, therapists, or healers of any kind who deeply want to be held but struggle to ask for it or find people who can actually hold them.

For humans who desire a greater sense of boundary and choice in their lives and can't seem to get there with talk therapy alone (talk therapy is great but sometimes the body needs support).

For humans wanting greater intimacy in relationship with both self and other but find that their relational programming is a constant source of sabotage.

Who Is This Not For?

This container is not for men (it's specific to women's healing)

Humans who have not received any kind of mental health support previously (this is not because I believe that there is such thing as healing hierarchies but it's because coaching is not the space for processing our life experiences- please see FAQ for more info).

Humans who are currently in the process of doing intensive re-processing trauma therapy (I believe that being in that space of remembrance and grief is crucial to our healing).

Humans looking for quick fixes and solutions to the most beautiful parts of our humanity.

This time is difficult. Wait for me. We will live it out vividly. Give me your small hand: we will rise and suffer, we will feel, we will rejoice. We are once more the pair who lived in bristling places, in harsh nests in the rock. This time is difficult. Wait for me with a basket, with a shovel, with your shoes and your clothes. Now we need each other, not only for the carnations' sake, not only to look for honey — we need our hands to wash with, to make fire.


Love From The Tribe

Sitting here in reflection, humbled and completely in awe of the amazing relationship I’ve built with Tami. Repeating her words constantly in my head, and crying tears that feel like they have been stuck in my chest forever. This journey is hard but Tami helps make it make sense. And I started seeing and feeling things I never thought possible. I have learned that I have to go slow, and I know Tami will be there and most importantly that I’ll be there. I am so grateful for Tami’s teachings and support. The way she gets me is beyond anything I ever could have expected or imagined. I can’t thank her enough. Tami is supporting me in breaking generational patterns I didn’t realize I was living in so it can be different for my girls.

I had no idea what it meant to work with someone who could mirror all my being back to me with such kindness. She allowed me to fall in love with myself the more I met myself. I got to shift my relationship to feeling. I never felt so free to be me and free to feel everything, just shifting my understanding of what it means to be me and worthy of what I want. Deeply, deeply worthy. Working with Tami allowed me to be brave, and not in survival, in a loving way.

I cannot believe how I learned to be kind and loving to myself. I learned how to not fear my thoughts, my future, my own cage. I got to become free from my self-imposed cage. I finally feel safe being in my own skin.

Tami showed me how to trust, love and not abandon myself anymore. I didn’t even know I did this before starting to work with Tami. Now I spot it so clearly and I can shift it immediately. I can now find compassion for myself when shit is hard and feels impossible. Especially on the days where it doesn’t feel good, I have learned to accept and integrate those with grace and curiosity.

What resonates the most to me about Tami’s work is the ‘self’ is always connected to the whole. Liberate was not a self improvement project. It was a ‘how to love myself as a human so I can love others’ journey. So I can live and share in this world. This big messy world - and feel my feet planted, and my breath moving.

And of course, the cherry on top, is that there is no secret to this work. And I love that Tami doesn't play it like there is.

Embodiment is for everyone, and we are all in bodies. Tami shared from a skilled and resourced place on vital topics like inner child wounding, ancestral healing, codependency, and joy as a birthright. And still, at the end of each session, or guided practice, it really always came back to this moment, to myself in it, and how deserving I am to feel connected to everything that supports me.

It came back to sovereignty, simple little radical pleasures, and sharing these triumphs in a safe container with other women. It came back to finding safety in my own unique ways, so that I can create wiggle room in my comfort zone and risk growing.


I truly cannot believe how Tami hits the nail on the head every single time. I am in love with the relationship we’ve built. Tami helped me truly realize that I wasn’t the broken, defective problem but that I was surviving a life that didn’t have space for me in it. I’m sitting here in tears as I think about all the revelations and truths about myself that have been revealed in my work with Tami. I’m mourning time that I have lost and the idea that life could have been different with a deep understanding that I get to write and re-write the story of my life moving forward and it’s fucking amazing and exciting. I have begun to forgive myself for all I thought was unforgivable.