Remembering Self

A 6-month process group to re-discover self through the healing powers of community, mirroring, expression and safety.

What is a process group?

A process group is a group that centers process and accepting ourselves exactly where we are. It is a space where we come together to develop and practice relationship skills so that we may better understand and experience ourselves within relationship to self and another. It is a space to cultivate deep awareness to move towards the intimacy we desire.

Relationships are the practice ground for our healing. Learning to engage in relationship and community in ways that are self-honoring happen only through practice and engagement. This process group is about imperfectly practicing relationship and being held in our wholeness as we stumble and work through our nervous system responses, our beliefs, our struggles, our wins and celebrations.

The self is a buried structure only revealed through the things it says no to.

So many us didn't have what we needed early in life to create opportunities for us to really know who we are. Relationships became about the total sacrifice and abandonment of self rather than a place to be fully known, expressed, loved, seen & held. When we are so focused on being liked or simply belonging, we inevitably disconnect from building our own lives and our own selves. Practicing the development we never got like boundaries, having needs, autonomy, receiving support, conflict resolution & identity development can support us in creating new pathways in our brain and bodies to do relationships differently. And the gift is that we have our entire lifetime to keep practicing.

Who Is This For?

Women & Non-Binary

Humans who want a space to explore themselves in relationship to others and are yearning for safe mirrors for them to grow within

Humans who are healing from developmental trauma and are learning how to be responsible for their safety to be able to easefully participate in relationship.

Humans who freeze in conflict and struggle to express their needs and a desiring a way to be met.

Humans who desire greater boundaries within themselves and within relationship to another so that they may stop sabotaging relationships through hiding.

Humans who experience life as being easier on their own (for good reason) because relationships have felt overwhelmingly hard for them.

Humans who have a tendency to fawn and people please and desire a greater ability to stay in their center even when other's don't like it.

Humans who find themselves reactive, projecting and constantly in a “fight” with something.

Humans who are deeply craving to put down the performance and care-taking to be seen, witnessed and held in their wholeness.

Humans who get triggered by the needs and emotions of another and who desire to embody that there is enough care for them and another.

It's not that the work isn't working. It's that it takes time to really embody that we are worthy of a process.

It is a gift to know our healing happens in imperfect ways.

The way so many of us have been conditioned to participate in relationship is a loop of suffering. We vacillate between power and powerlessness leaving us feeling a chronic sense of defeat. We have been taught that love means control, manipulation and shrinking ourselves to secure safety and didn't get the development we needed to participate in relationship in ways that honor two humans who have needs, boundaries, desires and imperfection. When we incessantly "fail" at trying to change everything on the outside, we believe we are hopeless when it couldn't be further from the truth. Breaking this cycle asks that we begin to recognize ourselves *within* relationship and learning the skill of choice and responsibility to re-learn what it means to love and relate. And this healing is possible.

To learn, develop, practice and utilize relationship skills both with self and other that center you and what you need for safety and fulfillment.

This group is designed so that you will not only understand your relational functioning and patterns but you will begin to connect that understanding to your body and nervous system and have solid tools to support you with living in greater flexibility, choice & presence. The goal of each meeting is to enhance self and other awareness so that you learn where you end and another begins. Through the mirroring and holding of loving community members, you will begin to deeply embody you've always been enough and that there is enough love & care to go around for everyone.

More Intentions

To be in a loving relationship with process that allows you full permission to imperfectly stumble and thrive in relationship.

We often are not aware of when we are regulated vs activated and exploring this can greatly support us in how we participate in relationship and care for ourselves. This group is fully experiential, meaning we will center the focus of the group each meeting on what group members are bringing in and hold great space for exploration and insight into what is happening. Through the experience of relating and feedback, we will learn how to meet our shame, our critic and ourselves with great love and care as we learn to really bring all parts of ourselves to relationship with sacred responsibility.

You will be able to see how we are all wired differently and how each person has different relational experiences. We will get to explore our projections, our judgements, our jealousy, our desire, our goals, our celebrations and all parts of ourselves as we both witness ourselves and other's in real life practice.

We spend so much time learning external content and information which can be deeply valuable but this group is about learning about our internal worlds, welcoming our "problematic parts," integrating our values and becoming who want in relationship through 6 months of practice. Most of us don't just want belonging- we want to deeply be seen and known and it's up to us to learn how to open to it. Let this group be the start of new experiences.

The philosophy behind Tami's work is process. Tami doesn't believe in quick fixes but ongoing learning and practice.

All her work aims to equip humans with more resources to support their bodies in healing from trauma patterns that are getting in the way of what's now for them.

The goal of this group is to build more security and safety in a process. This group is not a replacement for deeper trauma work or therapy. It is a great addition to therapy and trauma work if the time feels right to integrate into community. There is no individual access to Tami outside of the group time or pre-determined telegram check in times unless it’s related to finances or technical difficulties. It is encouraged that you bring what you are learning into your other healing spaces and to give yourself the rest of your lifetime the dignity and sacredness of your process.

Course COST

Remembering Self

This group offers a sliding scale no questions asked payment option. The total cost of the group for those who don't need the financial support is $3000 USD. The minimum payment is $1850 USD. Please assess what you are able to comfortably pay. Payment plan options available.

Full Cost: $3000 USD

Partial Cost: $2400 USD

Minimum: $1850 USD

If you would like to participate but need more financial support, please e-mail Tami directly at

What's Included

14 bi-weekly, 60 minute group calls. Access to group chat and Tami via telegram for check ins (boundaries will be discussed when we come together).

Call Schedule

All calls are 60 minutes and are listed as EST. The opening and closing call are on Sundays and all other calls are Wednesday evenings at 6:15pm EST/ 5:15 CT/ 3:15 PST. Calls will not be recorded as participation is what creates health of a group and what will allow you to get the most out of the process. Calls will be recorded and sent out on an individual basis if you can’t be in attendance and will require consent from the group.

February 2022

Sunday 2/6 @ 12pm EST Introduction & Meet and Greet

2/9 Call 1

5/4 Call 7

2/23 Call 2

5/18 Call 8

3/9 Call 3

6/1 Call 9

6/15 Call 10

3/23 Call 4

7/6 Call 11

4/6 Call 5

7/20 Call 12

4/20 Call 6

Sunday 7/24 @ 7pm closing call

Next Steps...

If you are interested in registering for "Remembering Self," please schedule a call with Tami through the calendar link below.
This group is open to 10 participants. Tami will be meeting with people individually for a 20 minute consult to ensure it's the right timing and right fit.

Book A Call Here

Love Notes from Previous Programs

Kalyn, St. Pete

"Through this program, I found access to choice. I learned that instead of reacting in moments of trigger, we have the option to pause and choose differently. And the more we do that, we begin to repattern our impulse behaviors. I was stuck looping in my trauma response–which was rage–for years, because I didn't know any other way. With this new tool called choice, my interactions with family were instantly transformed from hurt to healing. For the first time, I was able to pause and reframe instead of lashing out at them. Even more, I was able to hold space for them to exist and be human, because I had built the capacity to hold that space for myself."

Kate, New Zealand

"There has been a huge shift in the way I’m feeling. I’m feeling a lot lighter and more hopeful. Being able to handle things differently and realizing that I’m ok being me has allowed me to stop trying to fix myself and begin accepting myself for who I am and where I am. This has been the biggest shift for me and something I had been searching for. Also having tools and resources to consistently come back here has changed my life. My dad asked me lately what’s been different and noticed a huge shift. I get to enjoy life more because I am better able to deal with the hard and uncomfortable things without them completely taking over."

Maxine, Ontario

"Tami’s guidance is skilled, raw and caring. Initiate felt like a loving shield around my heart as I went off to explore new territories within and outside of myself. I always felt safe to show up as who I am, with what I have to bring. I always felt encouraged to check in with myself and respond from that place. To turn off video on our Zoom calls and just receive. To hit unmute and share when my heart was fluttering.

What resonates the most to me about Tami’s work is the ‘self’ is always connected to the whole. Liberate was not a self improvement project. It was a ‘how to love myself as a human so I can love others’ journey. So I can live and share in this world. This big messy world - and feel my feet planted, and my breath moving."

Tami is a human, Embodiment Coach and Therapist who has been working directly with clients for over 6 years now. She has immersed herself in understanding trauma and the nervous system and is forever in awe by the capacity and ability for all humans to find healing. Tami gets to witness miracles of reclaimed power, choice and autonomy in her work daily and feels inspired to keep sharing this work.

Tami believes (through both training but mostly her lived experience) that healing work is relationship work and that it's within ourselves that we create the belonging and connection we seek. Tami believes that we all deserve spaces to be known and witnessed so that we may remember and live as though we matter and always have and in that way can we create the collective healing we deeply need. She doesn't believe in quick fixes or solutions but believes in the ongoing engagement with process and that everyone's process and timing deserves immense dignity.

Non-qualification related information about Tami.

Her clients call her the shame ninja and tell her that her super power is being able to see possibility and reality so clearly. Her depth for holding and going there is huge and her ability to laugh while being in deep pain makes the process of therapy feel doable and even desirable. Tami deeply trusts the wisdom and expertise of her clients and finds herself forever learning from them. She believes that we need a lot as humans and seeks to enliven this with everyone she works with to create ripples and networks of care that allow us all to need and be so deeply vulnerable and human.

Learn more about Tami and her qualifications, here.

“Courage is the measure of our heartfelt participation with life, with another, with a community, a work; a future. To be courageous is not necessarily to go anywhere or do anything except to make conscious those things we already feel deeply and then to live through the unending vulnerabilities of those consequences.”

David Whyte