Welcome to the Done Apologizing Podcast with your host Tami Sasson! Tami is an Embodiment Coach, Licensed Clinical Social Worker, and human on her own journey dedicated to the collective liberation of all women through our own individual healing journeys of letting go of toxic shame and reclaiming our inherent wholeness. And now, she is honored to connect with you through the Done Apologizing Podcast. This podcast is for you if you’re yearning to connect with women from a variety of backgrounds and experiences about healing and living fully – without apology. That all women may feel less alone knowing that so many other’s are journeying alongside you. That you find hope and healing in the listening of other’s so courageously sharing their stories through brave conversation that you may find the spaces and the audacity to do the same for yourself. Tami dreams that all women may feel deeply free in their bodies, their desires, their dreams, their needs and their wants and that they be celebrated for all that they are. Tami’s hope is that through the listening of so many unapologetic stories, you too may find the desire to let go of being good to become exactly what you are. Her hope is that you listen to this podcast with your whole body instead of mindlessly consuming – allow listening to be an experience and allow yourself to find your heart in these words! This podcast is a reminder that all of our apologizing never made us more lovable and that when we release the shackles of our shame and come into full expression, there is no greater experience of love and belonging. Unapologetic living is living in possibility.

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